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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The person or company to whom Vegas Casino Hire’s quotation/contract is addressed to is known as the promoter/client. Any croupier, or service contracted by Vegas Casino Hire on behalf of the promoter/client is known as the supplier/croupiers.



This contract states written confirmation by the promoter/client of the agreement made by the promoter/client and supplier/croupiers and will comprise acceptance of our quoted charges and these terms. VCH requires written confirmation of all bookings and shall not secure tables, croupier or suppliers on behalf of the promoter/client unless such confirmation is received. All services offered are subject to availability. VCH reserves the right to revise its quotation if the format or items booked are varied for any reason.


Payment Terms

Upon confirmation deposits may be requested to secure bookings. These will be stated on the contracts. Where a credit account has been arranged in advance, settlement of this account is due fourteen days from the date of invoice. Where no credit facilities exist between the promoter/client and VCH, balance payment is due thirty working days prior to the event date. VCH reserves the right to charge interest equivalent to 1% per week above the base rate of the Bank of England on invoice balances outstanding after fourteen days. Further to this VCH reserves the right to add any additional costs incurred relating to the collection of overdue monies.



All cancellations must be advised in writing to VCH.  The date of receipt of this written notification by VCH will determine the cancellation charges applicable. Once a booking has been confirmed, VCH may reserve croupier and supplier’s time and services and they may refuse other bookings.  Accordingly charges will be payable for any cancellation of a confirmed booking or part thereof. VCH will not be liable for venue cancellation charges or other fees non-related to the contract. Any deposit received for a booking will be retained in the event of cancellation. Contracts cancelled with thirty days or more notice is subject to 50% of VCH most recent quoted costs. Cancellations received with less than thirty days’ notice full quoted costs are payable. Cancellation of events taking place during December require written notification to cancel prior to 1st October that current year, such cancellations are subject to a 50% fee. Cancellations received later than the 1st October that year the full quoted costs are payable.


Loss and Damage

Any loss or damage to equipment, property or injury to persons in relation to or at an event will be the responsibility of the promoter/client and replacement costs will be charged in full. The promoter/client is responsible for cleaning charges relating to drinks or food spillages on the tables.

The promoter/client exonerates VCH from any liability, costs or expense arising from the loss or damage to equipment, property or injury suffered by any person in connection with an event.



Suppliers/croupiers and their services engaged by VCH on behalf of and as agents for the promoter/client will always use their best endeavors to attend the function however should the supplier be prevented from doing so for any reason outside their control (including, sickness, equipment failure, mechanical breakdown or weather conditions) VCH shall not incur any liability for non-appearance although every reasonable safeguard is assured. Further to this, VCH shall not incur any liability for equipment failures, although every effort will be made to safe guard against such circumstances, failure may still occur at any time and is beyond our control.


Contracted Suppliers/Croupiers

Croupiers shall be deemed a self-employed individual or company and will be responsible for their own Tax and N.I. contributions. VCH is not responsible or in any way liable for the non-fulfillment or breach of contract by the supplier/croupier, any further claim by either party shall be directed solely between the promoter/client and or the supplier/croupier. Should any non-showing of a particular croupier incur the individual cost may be refunded to the promoter / client. In such cases the croupier may be liable for loss of earnings to VCH. The supplier/croupier agrees that if they cannot attend because of illness they will inform VCH and every endeavor will be made by the Supplier/croupier to provide an alternative to give satisfactory performance. VCH will not be liable for any croupier’s costs, fines or charges incurred whilst getting to or from the contracted event. Croupiers / suppliers shall ensure safe travel and adequate time to arrive within terms of the contract. Unless otherwise stated all croupiers payments will be made via the VCH office and NOT directly from the client. VCH makes every effort to ensure artists are paid no more than 7 days from VCH receiving cleared funds from the client.


Future Business

All suppliers/croupiers agree that any bookings, leads or enquiries generated from this or any other related event will be transacted through VCH, All suppliers/croupiers are required to hand out VCH business cards or VCH contact telephone numbers on request at any event. Failure to do so may result in a claim for loss of earnings, commission, costs and possible interest charges. At no time is the suppliers/croupiers to discuss fees with the client all invoice and payment issues shall be direct via VCH, other than to collect cash payments on an event if agreed in advance with VCH

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